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Avoid traffic and secure pole position for your team! Enjoy explosive action that takes the racing genre to a whole new level! As Murray Walker use to say: "Go Go Go!"

Wanna have some octane fun? Download this addictive racing game now!

Gotta use them pilot skills

This extreme racer will put your driving skills to the test. Drive a real F1 car and try to get to the finish while you avoid road cars, trucks and even school busses. Pass ordinary traffic at lightning speed and drive your car as fast as possible. Each run will make you go faster, but expect to frequently die in a big bang!

In the final pile-up you are rewarded bonus points for each successful takedown. Let's turn the city into a war zone!


A rogue race driver went mental and is taking formula racing to the streets. Can you help him navigate his machines in the busy city motorways? You will be part of a dangerous club of F1 pilots that do not obey the traffic laws in these real world grand prix.


Simply tap left or right to change lanes

Your car will increasingly go faster, so be careful and try to anticipate obstacles


Think you are as fast as Hamilton, Verstappen or Rosberg? Just being quick might not be enough to save your skin. Check traffic and use your ninja skills to avoid incoming traffic.

Sling shot yourself bij slip streaming (stay in the draft / stream of the car in front of you and overtake at the last possible moment). Timing is crucial here so don't get cocky or you'll be dead

Check your official standings and try to improve your results

Avoid possible burnout by saving your tyres and watch your engine stats

Achieve pixel perfect hot laps by softly steering and micro managing your cars

Avoid other bangers to save your monocock

What the press had to say:

GameVillage "The best arcade racer on Google Play"


Beautiful crisp HD graphics

Spectacular explosions

Realistic physics

Realistic (on-board) F1 gear shifting noise

Listen to funny radio chatter while you crash into the biggest pile up ever

Use your speed boost to combat negative drag

Use the environment and destroy your rivals

Drive perfect laps and put your name on the leaderboard

Cool overhead, helicopter view

Beautifully designed app that is easy to control and play

Free app with add support

It is time to buckle up and venture out into town for unlimited speed & fun in this explosive grandprix championship!